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Carbon kamado grill ZYLE Starter KS, green, Ø 39,8 cm

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Carbon kamado grill ZYLE Starter KS, green, Ø 39,8 cm

Regular price 475.00 €
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The optimally sized ceramic kamado grill is the perfect choice for cooking the most delicious dishes with a smoky aroma, and for an enjoyable and rewarding evening with the grill at the cottage or at home. This updated Kamado grill comes with more advantages than before: we're not just talking about gifts, we're also talking about an updated exterior design that will leave an impression on you, and a grill-appreciated retractable ash-cleaning drawer for easy cleaning of the grill.

With ZYLE The Kamado grill is the perfect way to cook juicy, perfectly browned steaks, delicious fish, rich and flavoursome stews, pizzas and desserts with unparalleled tenderness (yes, you can make desserts on the kamado grill). The grill has bamboo shelves on both sides, which can be lowered down if needed. The shelves will be convenient for storing the necessary ingredients. With this kamado grill, you can not only grill, but also roast and smoke a wide range of products, and you can even cook several dinners at the same time, so that even though the size is small, it can be used by more than one or two people.

Thanks to the ceramic construction and the unique shape of the grill, the heat is evenly distributed, so your food cooks evenly and stays juicy and tasty. 

The Kamado ZYLE makes particularly efficient use of charcoal: the ceramic has an exceptional thickness and heat retention. 

The ZYLE ceramic grill is ideal for use in the garden, in the courtyard, on the terrace of the cottage or even on the balcony. Invite your family or friends and enjoy delicious grilled dishes together. You can not only grill, but also roast, smoke and cook up to 4-6 dinners at once. 


  • Manufacturer: ZYLE Kamado
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Grill diameter: Ø 39,8 cm.
  • Diameter of the cooking grate: Ø 32,5 cm.
  • Height: 46,5 cm.
  • Width with shelves: 78 cm.
  • Weight: 34 kg
  • Ash removal tray for even easier cleaning of the grill and ash.
  • The grill gasket is made of a special fibreglass fabric that is much more resistant to heat and mechanical stress.
  • The grill is equipped with folding shelves on both sides for convenient storage of ingredients.
  • Hidden hooks on the shelves allow you to hang your grill brush, tongs, gloves and other tools. The hooks are thoughtfully positioned: they are not protruding, so you won't get caught, and it's very convenient to unhook or hook the tool you're using. 
  • The top airflow regulator is made of cast iron: it will ensure a stable temperature and maintain heat for longer.
  • The grill stand is made of metal with an anti-corrosion coating. 
  • The cooking grates are made of stainless steel.


Free accessories with the purchase of a grill: 

  • HEAT DEFLECTOR. The heat defroster will make the grill look like a smoker. When grilling, the deflector allows air to circulate around the food and at the same time protects it from direct heat and flames. Ideal for slow smoking of meat
  • HEAT DEFLECTOR LIFTER. The stainless steel grill rack is designed to lift the deflector or pizza stone to avoid closer direct heat
  • PROTECTIVE GRILL COVER. Made of high quality material, it is durable and resistant to all weather conditions and temperatures. Non-fading. Perfectly protects your grill from the adverse effects of the environment
  • LIGHTSHIELD. An essential accessory when using a charcoal grill, with which you can stir the coals and conveniently clean the grill of ash.
  • 2 TIER COOKING GRATES. By far the most indispensable of all Kamado grill accessories. The second tier grill allows you to increase the cooking area considerably and cook much more at once than with a single tier.


        Kamado ZYLE grills come with a lifetime warranty on the ceramic body and firebox for their intended use. 

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